Penta Centre

Located in the heart of the Troy corridor near I-75, the former Troy Officentre was renamed PentaCentre in 2017 when it changed ownership. Hayman Co. took over managing, leasing property, and serves as construction manager for the center. It is named after its five inter-connected buildings totaling 732,000 square feet.

When this change in ownership occurred, upgrades soon followed, totaling upwards of $10 million. As part of these upgrades, TCG was tasked with multiple requests. Phase one involved replacing several existing secure access systems with a system that would provide a complete and unified layer of security for the tenants and guests of PentaCentre. This system would also simplify security processes and provide certain, trusted parties with after-hours access to the building and their offices. For this phase of the project, 51 card readers were installed providing secure access to the first floor exterior doors, stairways, elevators and penthouses of the five buildings. TCG used all Isonas equipment for this phase, facilitated the initial setup of permissions, access, and user accounts and assist Hayman Company in maintaining the software side of the system. As a follow up, TCG helped train the Hayman Company staff in administering the system, in order to insure a smooth transition.

This phase was begun December 4, 2018 and completed March 29, 2019.

Phase two involved installing a 42U rack enclosure and ladder frame, which housed new switches and security camera equipment. Also included in the necessary work here was running category cable for the access control readers and wireless access points, as well as fiber optic cable to connect the existing telco closet to the new main distribution frame (MDF) of building B. Added to this list was the installation of data lines for the elevators and telephone lines.

This phase was begun December 4, 2018 and completed January 22, 2019.

The entire facility and the upgrades required TCG to address the network infrastructure at PentaCentre as well. We installed Meraki switches to support network functions within PentaCentre buildings “A” through “E”. Included with this infrastructure was the installation of a firewall, 12 switches, and 13 access points which were configured, mounted and connected. Additionally, a cloud dashboard was set up to support all devices utilizing a internet connection, allowing for remote monitoring.

This phase was begun December 4, 2018 and completed April 11, 2019.