about us


Rooted in the principles of integrity, craftsmanship, and professionalism, Trendset Communications Group stands at the forefront of communications technology evolution. From our Southeast Michigan base, we’ve made significant strides in communication infrastructure, always upholding our commitment to ethical practices, exceptional quality, and utmost professionalism.
Our services range from Structured Cabling and Optical Network technologies to enhancing existing Control Systems, Surveillance, and Access Control. At our core, we are driven by the pursuit of innovation, ensuring we’re not just participants but leaders in technological advancement.
The strength of our company lies in our leadership and skilled professionals, whose collective vision and expertise have steered Trendset through the industry’s ever-changing landscape.
We’re more than a company; we’re a community partner dedicated to fostering growth and development in the regions we serve.
Looking forward, Trendset Communications Group is unwavering in our quest to redefine the possibilities within communications technology, maintaining our position as industry leaders. Discover the Trendset difference and join us on this journey of innovation and excellence.
Our hybrid work policy embraces flexibility, allowing for a blend of remote and office-based work. We prioritize productivity, collaboration, and work-life balance to maintain high standards and employee well-being.
 “Connect with Trendset – Your Path to Advanced Communication”


The Trendset Guarantee” – Lifetime Guarantee on Craftsmanship and Workmanship.

What we do

TCG works in the commercial, industrial, municipal, transportation and military/law enforcement arenas professionally installing and maintaining:

– IoT Radio networks
– Structured Network Cabling
– Fiber and Optical Network Installation
– Antenna systems Installation and Maintenance
– Video Security (CCTV) Repair, Installation
– Access control and automated entry systems
– Optical Network – Dark Fiber Charterization
– SCADA Network Repair, Installation, Maintenance
– HIGH-Capacity – Low Latency Networking
– HFV and HVT – Maintenance, Service, Installation
– Data centers – Repair, Installation
– Panel design/fabrication/install
– Controls and instrumentation
– Power generation – AC and DC Power Solutions
– RFC-2544 Testing – Layer 2 Traffic Testing
– OTDR – Physical Fiber Inspection, Cleaning, Repair

CAT-6 Cabling Installation into Rack