ORBBEC was founded in 2013 by engineers and researchers to create 3D cameras to help revolutionize the industry. They are located inside PentaCentre in Troy, Michigan, and today have over 500 employees and operate worldwide.

After moving into their new offices in PentaCentre, ORBBEC required a technology and security upgrade for the space. This included access controls and running cable to deliver data to all of their employees’ workspaces.

TCG was tasked with this project. The access controls portion involved installing Isonas products: door readers, electric strikes, magnetic locks and request-to-exit buttons at each of ORBBEC’s nine doors. Once the equipment was installed, wired and powered up, TCG worked with the Fire Marshal to insure all work was up to code. As the next step in completing the installation, our technicians registered all of the Isonas equipment, did the initial setup of permissions, access and user accounts, as well as providing ORBBEC staff with some basic training on Isonas system administration. TCG also left ORBBEC with a binder containing a quick-step reference guide on the operation of their new system as well as a support contact at Isonas.

The other portion of this project involved running data cable to all of the required locations in the office. This required TCG technicians to install a wall-mount rack for two 24-port patch panels and two 24-port Signamax PoE switches. There were a total of 43 cable drops required, which included getting data to the phones, desks, and previously mentioned access control equipment.

The ORBBEC installation was started on September 20, 2019, and completed on November 12, 2019.