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TCG is a company uses three pillars, Cabling, Wireless, and Security. Built on a foundation of Design, Installation, and Documentation.

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Fiber, Cat6, Coaxial


Outdoor Radios, Access Points, PTP, PTMP


Cameras, Access Controls, Firewalls


We customize your product experience step by step, meeting your goals every step of the way.


Trained technicians, will install your project on time with professionalism and skilled effort.


From start to end, we take care to document everything we can, to present you with a fully realized project guide.


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Examples of our Work

The installation at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) was one of TCG's biggest installations, and we finished 4 months ahead of schedule. We were tasked with completing the network involved in the IED paging system for Delta Airlines. TCG was able to utilize existing infrastructure and install where needed. Cabling installation knowledge and expertise played a huge role in achieving success with the project. DTW utilizes various forms of fiber and category cable that TCG had no problem with. In addition to the cabling, networking devices, data room cleanings, and more were performed as this project continues to be ongoing we are achieving as we go.

Tasked with setting up wireless links in the greatest nation's capital, Trendset Communications Group linked up three Department of Justice buildings using Proxim wireless radios.  The radios cable back into the local network of each building.

Tasked with switching out new antennas for the county, Trendset Communications Group installed to perfection.  Tower climbers and ground crew raised massive antennas up over 300 feet in some cases to achieve a successful installation.  During an environmental storm that temporarily interrupted service by knocking out the coaxial cable in use on the tower, TCG was able to reinstall this also.  All coaxial cable tested for new antennas and fresh install of cable with results delivered to the customer to meet their satisfaction.


We are highly trained, educated, and ever growing to meet industry demands and beyond.
Our team consists of technicians, engineers, sales professionals, and office administration


Trendset Communications Group

Trendset Communications Group was founded on the premise of employing and deploying trendsetting communications systems and solutions with an ‘Everything Matters’ approach. David McCarthy, CTO, TCG.

Trendset Communications Group (TCG) is a woman-owned, SBE-certified company that works in many different market segments supplying professional services, and systems specific to communications with city-wide infrastructure, fiber design, installation, and maintenance, including: L2 & L3 network design, point-to-point long-range microwave communications, and fixed wireless broadband networking, low latency nanosecond networking, RFC-2544 testing and network certification, knowledge base, and documentation, AC power, and DC power systems.

Specializing in low voltage communication deployments, we work with many network equipment manufacturers such as Proxim Wireless, Siklu, Cisco, Isonas, Samsung, and Vicon. Whether your project calls for wireless, cabling, or security, TCG plays a key role in determining the best communication equipment to suit the application.

Mission Statement: To provide a professional and skilled approach to communication systems design and implementation. Equipped with an “Everything Matters” point of view to ensure that the desired results are met, and the customer is satisfied.

Experience: Trendset Communications Group has worked with a multitude of different businesses and industries over the years including municipalities, public safety organizations, airport facilities, high-frequency trading firms, manufacturing groups, telecommunications businesses, and health care organizations. No single communications network is the ultimate solution, but many network platforms can suit many different applications.

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