The Art of Tower Climbing

It’s cold, wet, and just finished snowing earlier that morning. You can see the city of Detroit miles off in the distance. Between the adrenaline rush, the 3 layers of warm clothing you have on, and the 300’ climb you just made, you are ready to get to work on your customer’s order. There are absolutely no worries about life or death because you are safe. Trained. Prepared. You have the knowledge from Comtrain and OSHA standards. There is a crew on the ground – you know they have your back. There are emergency plans in place. The only thing left is to continue working, because you are a TCG tower climber. You are constantly thinking about the job – what step you are on in the process of the work (and literally watching where you step or place your hand on the tower). You pause to take a sip of water. You are carrying 50 pounds or more, plus your body weight. You need to stay hydrated even in the cold. Everything you do matters. Not just for you. Not just for the company. But for the thousands of people that rely on this link to be installed, up, and running.

It’s significant and impossible to deny that many different organizations and city governments depend on tower climbing to complete different services and tasks to keep them up and running in the rain or shine, holidays, weekends, or a regular work day. From tower maintenance to wireless infrastructure installs TCG’s Tower Climbers get the job done with all resources needed at their fingertips, or in their nosebags.

A tower climber is only as good as their ground crew – that’s why all technicians go through rigorous training, taking the same qualification test as the tower climber. In doing so, the team becomes a well-oiled machine that can perform all tasks needed so the mission gets completed within the scope’s time frame.

Preventative maintenance, cable management, tower security cameras, wireless radios, and Omni antennas are just a handful of the types of tasks that a tower climber from TCG can do for you. Oftentimes, towers are installed, used, and then abused with neglect while the equipment on them gets the same treatment. TCG tower climbers help organizations by conducting seasonal maintenance inspections and fixing issues on the spot, which is especially significant in Michigan, where weather conditions are harsh. These situations are what our climbers are trained for – you have no worries with TCG playing defense for you.

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