Security Camera Solutions

Video Surveillance and its benefits

Video surveillance helps companies take an active role in security (through live monitoring) or a passive role (with recorded footage). In most cases, a hybridization of both services can be optimized to protect customers, attendees, employees, and the employer. TCG is committed to bringing the best solutions to its customers, utilizing the most effective and proven cameras whenever possible…

Why Should Cameras Matter?

Applications that demand a camera solution today include: public buildings, schools, and private businesses. Public buildings such as police departments, water plants, and city offices often employ people and services that serve and protect our vital community resources. However, they are left vulnerable when no one is watching after them. Monitoring equipment aligned on these resources – such as water plant control panels, entrances to buildings, prison holding cells, and more – can ensure everyone functions in a safe environment, whether at the building or using the services provided by the facility.

Schools house the most precious members of society: our children. Children are our future and must be protected both from inside threats, such as bullying and harassment, and outside threats. Verifying and monitoring the entry and exit points to see traffic in and out of the school buildings can help alert the proper officials when there are potential issues. Data analytics placed on cameras can help schools know who is where – oftentimes faster than a person browsing through footage – and the time saved can be crucial.

Private businesses have application in the workplace that can help protect the employees, employer, and create efficient workflows on production floors. However, employees can engage in less-than-desired behavior or be subject to violence or harassment. If these are possibilities, creating a safe work environment and ensuring your employees operate in a secure manner should be a top priority. Protecting your employees with monitoring systems can also safeguard the company and determine truth in any situation. In addition, installing cameras to key areas of the work floor can help managers and employees work together to improve they way they are doing work on a production level. Offering paths through analytics, creating work zones, and more are ways that companies can improve work flows and maintain them through camera technology.

TCG Solution

Trendset Communications Group is committed to working with you, listening to your situation, and evaluating the premises of the facility. We will take a detailed site survey of the location to ensure proper placement or requested placement can be met. Once determined where the camera system will be installed, we will generate a quote that handles all of the necessary equipment needed for the proposed installation (and fits your budget). Additional hardware can include network infrastructure (switches, cabling, and other communication hardware), mounting equipment, and conduit runs among others. With the survey complete and generated pricing approved, we can begin scheduling professional and equipped installation crews. Each installation performed, TCG provides an operations contact so we can update on progress, maneuver through change orders, and provide the most customer care possible. Once the project has been fully installed, tested, and approved, you will receive project documentation. The documentation will be as detailed as needed or more. Depending on security levels and protections needed by companies, TCG can provide different levels of documents. Standard with any install comes a written recap of the entire project along with the steps taken to complete. Other services include detailed drawings of the site showing camera locations and connection points, configurations of the equipment, and photographs of work completed. When the system is ready for you to use, TCG offers training, support, and maintenance to keep you running smoothly and efficiently.

Camera Hardware Partner

Vicon Security is one of the camera technology companies TCG will employ to meet hardware specifications for an installation. The products offered range in looks, mounting styles, and capabilities. Cameras can be installed indoors or out, contain smart analytical technology, and offer a variety of playback features. Their systems scale and, depending on a current system in place at your facility, they often integrate well. NVR (network video recorder), server, and storage can all be configured and installed to make sure you will not miss a moment of footage.

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