How to Avoid Making a $5,000 Decision in 5 minutes

Wireless Bridging and PTP Wireless systems are a great way to augment and extend networks into remote places that were not possible in the past. Inexpensive Wireless bridges can be installed, setup in days, and provide immediate return on investment beginning the day they are installed. We then become dependent on their continued operation throughout their life span. One thing to keep in mind after the installation is this product is still “Man Made” and can fail at any time without notice as any “Man Made” piece of equipment can.

During the purchasing process, make sure check out the Manufacturer’s options for Extended Warranties and/or Advanced Replacement Warranties. In most cases, this is an inexpensive option when purchasing Outdoor Wireless Equipment, and will help to ensure that your ROI is reached, while providing you with much needed protection in the unlikely event of an equipment failure.

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