Data Room Cleaning


Data rooms are filled with sensitive equipment that needs to work continuously, without fail. However, most people don’t know how to properly clean a data room, nor do they know how to keep it clean. It becomes one of those things that you know you should do, but you don’t. Data room cleaning is a no-brainer; the equipment inside is expensive and crucial to daily operations. Keeping it clean reduces equipment failure and lost production.

What are the Risks?

How does the level of cleanliness affect equipment? Dust can compromise equipment’s ability to keep cool. Vents and ports can collect dust and debris, reducing airflow and increasing temperatures. Higher temperatures can greatly decrease the life of switches, servers, and other data room equipment. Dust can also affect equipment in another way. Particulates may also be comprised of conductors which in turn can settle on circuitry. In some cases, these particulates cluster and build up, affecting connectivity between circuits.

What to use While Cleaning

Standard cleaning products shouldn’t be used. Special equipment requires special cleaning products. Since your data room is a sensitive environment, anti-static cleaners, cloths, trash bags, and HEPA-filtered vacuums. The anti-static surface and floor cleaners are crucial in such a sensitive environment. When wiping any surface in a data room, you run the risk of creating a static charge and damaging equipment. The cleaner, along with anti-static cloths, prevents this possibility. Cleaning the floor is especially important since anti-static floor cleaners leave a film on the floor that will reduce static buildup when walking. Finally, a vacuum with a HEPA filter ensures that dust is not reintroduced to the air after it has been collected. Why clean if you’re just going to make a new mess?


The best way to clean a data room is to prevent the mess, to begin with. While establishing a regular cleaning schedule is strongly advised, it should only be in place to maintain cleanliness rather than re-establishing cleanliness. Restricting access to data rooms is a great first step. Along with monitoring who has access, you now have a short list of possible suspects whenever trash is left in your data rooms. Yes, that sort of thing actually happens. Requiring protective shoe coverings and banning food and drinks will also keep things more manageable. Whenever trash is generated from things like new equipment, keep anti-static trash receptacles with anti-static trash bags to reduce the amount of trash that is left behind.


With your schedule and preventative measures in place, your data room equipment should be running with fewer issues. Always keep in mind that data room cleaning should be left to professionals. There are many safe practices and techniques to be implemented and the risk of damaging your networking gear is greatly reduced when done by knowledgeable technicians.

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