I Wanna Go Fast!

How Fast Would You Like to Go? Living in a connected world means you need a connection. How fast and far do you want to go? Determining this will help you choose the best connection type to meet your needs. Trendset Communications Group offers a variety of connection types. First, there is old faithful copper […]

Wireless Vs Cell

Not sure on the advantages of owning your own wireless radio network versus renting/leasing cellular services? Here is a guide that should help the decision to choose the solution that works best for your business, city, or any other application! Click here for PDF

Accelerate Michigan

We had an excellent and informative time taking part in Accelerate Michigan at Orchestra Hall in Midtown Detroit. We had a great opportunity to meet Bill Taylor, Co-Founder of Fast Company. The future of innovation in Michigan is bright and Trendset Communications Group is proud to be on the cutting edge of current and future […]

What Does NLOS Really Mean?

Although equipment manufacturers refer to this acronym as Non-Line-of-Site, experienced designers and installers know this as Near-Line-of-Site. Those wireless technologies that incorporate the modulation scheme that allows Fresnel Zone encroachment while still maintaining a link (OFDM), albeit at lower data rates, must be carefully considered. Because obstructions vary in their makeup and attenuation properties e.g. […]

How to Avoid Making a $5,000 Decision in 5 minutes

Wireless Bridging and PTP Wireless systems are a great way to augment and extend networks into remote places that were not possible in the past. Inexpensive Wireless bridges can be installed, setup in days, and provide immediate return on investment beginning the day they are installed. We then become dependent on their continued operation throughout […]

An Ounce of Preventative Maintenance

It’s a great time of the year for Preventative Maintenance. Make sure to keep your Microwave Links, Broadband Connections, and Optical Networks running smoothly. A regular frequency of Preventative Site Maintenance can ensure that your Infrastructure and Core network is always available, and provides your network users and groups with the performance that’s expected. Ensure […]