An Ounce of Preventative Maintenance

It’s a great time of the year for Preventative Maintenance. Make sure to keep your Microwave Links, Broadband Connections, and Optical Networks running smoothly. A regular frequency of Preventative Site Maintenance can ensure that your Infrastructure and Core network is always available, and provides your network users and groups with the performance that’s expected. Ensure that critical network infrastructure equipment and gear is protected from the Winter weather conditions.

– Physical examinations of all mounting, and mounting hardware, Witness Marks

– Physical examination of all connectors, glands, and bulkhead fittings

– Remove and replace Weatherproofing with proper material, using standard methods

– Physical examination of all cabling to Ingress, to Egress, in trays, etc. Note standard methods used to secure cabling into place

– Using the Equipment Mgmt. Interface, log into status pages and note current conditions and status of equipment. Ensure that no Alarms existing, Log files are collecting data, and equipment time is accurate.

– Note current firmware used. Check with the equipment manufacturer for any up-to-date firmware available, (important to review release notes on the specific firmware to ensure that all features and bug fixes will apply to your configuration). Utilizing newer firmware made available from the manufacturer keeps equipment running properly, optimized with the latest in security features, and or potential Bug Fixes.

– Always document the above findings and back it up with some good, high resolution photos for clarity and reference in the future.

Completing any of the above recommended steps or all on a regular basis will help to ensure that your network infrastructure is operational, and running at peak performance. Increasing the life expectancy, performance, and usability.

About the author: David