Michigan Wireless Services - Mounting

Mission Statement: To provide a professional and skilled approach to Fixed Broadband Wireless Systems design, and implementation. Equipped with an “Everything Matters” point of view to ensure that the desired results are met, and the Customer is satisfied.

T.C.G. was founded in 2001 on the premise of providing Wireless Edge technology solutions to Commercial and Industrial applications. We place a strong emphasis on emerging Wireless technology and advancements in RF Communications. The very basic principle is to bring “Trendsetting” communications to market and make Fixed Broadband Wireless Systems the cost effective solution. With 50 years of combined RF Engineering, Communications knowledge, and experience, our engineering team delivers on time, the simplest network, to the most complex networking based upon the project’s key factors, and the customer’s requirements.

Michigan Wireless Services

Specializing in Outdoor Wireless Deployments, we work with many Wireless equipment manufacturers such as Proxim Wireless, Redline Communications, Cambium Networks, Bridgewave, and Ubiquity to name a few. Point to Point, and Point to Multipoint can also play a key role in determining the best Wireless equipment to suit the application.

We take an “Everything Matters” approach to the engineering, design, and implementation of Wireless Communications Networks. Even Wireless systems that have been deployed for many years can still be refreshed and re-purposed to accommodate changing IT infrastructure and data needs. Our Installation and Service team are professionally trained and certified to meet industry regulations. Installation Best practices are daily practices. Each of our network engineers has 12 hours a month of continued education to stay up to date with local and industry standards, practices, and product knowledge.

“It’s a great sense of achievement to provide state of the art Wireless Systems, while working with the customer from design through completion.”
David McCarthy, Director of Engineering, TCG

Trendset Communications Group has worked with a multitude of different businesses over the years including Real Estate Firms, Manufacturing, Municipalities, Health Care, Telecommunications, and Public Safety. No one Wireless Network is the ultimate solution, but many wireless network platforms can suit many different applications.